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Crystal Fillings for Roller | Kyanite

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These delicately handpicked gemstone chips are the perfect match for our Rollin’ Gem – Icy Clear Roller with Gemstone Roller Top. Fill your translucent roller bottle with these Kyanite gemstone chips, and shower them with your favourite prediluted essential oil to create your very own crystal infused roller. Carry this unique and personalised crystal infused roller along with you and apply anytime anywhere as you wish.

Why Kyanite? – Bring tranquillity and aid meditating, repair disharmony and open up mind, encourage self-expression.

There are 24 choices of gemstone chips to choose from the collection of Gem On Drift.

Products Details

Translucent clear glass drift bottle.

Tapered wood cork.

Filled with an approximate 15 gram Kyanite gemstone chips.

Full bottle size - Height 4 cm, Diameter 2 cm

Each bottle of gemstone chips is hand assembled and packaged.


Each natural gemstone chip varies in terms of its patterns and colors.

All product images are for illustration purpose only and may differ from the actual product.

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