Plant Therapy Charts

Just like us, we know you wouldn't want to miss these useful charts and tables presented by Plant Therapy. Check them out and save them!

1.   Compare Essential Oils: Plant Therapy | Young Living | doTERRA

2.   Top 20 Oils For Sleep

3.   Plant Therapy Essential Oil Shelf Life Charts

4.   Pregnancy & Nursing Safe Chart

5.   Dilution Charts: A Comprehensive Guide

6.   Carrier Oil Chart

7.   KidSafe Oil Cheat Sheet

8.   Fragrance Wheel

9.   KidSafe Fragrance Wheel

10. Essential Oils Dilution Chart

11. How To Substitute Essential Oils Flowchart

12. Essential Oil Substitution Chart

13. Essential Oil Sourcing Map

14. Constituent Chart

15. Essential Oils And Sun Safety

16. Which Anti-Anxiety Blend Should You Choose?

17. Pup & Pony Approved Essential Oils