KidSafe: What It Means

KidSafe: What It Means

KidSafe… it’s all in the name. When you buy an essential oil blend or single with the KidSafe logo, you can trust that they are absolutely safe to use on your precious kiddos. And here’s why.

KidSafe Means Safe


When creating our KidSafe line, it was important to start with the basics. Which meant we had to create a list of only oils that are completely safe for use with children. Any oil that came with any sort of caution was automatically out. Ylang Ylang was excluded because it’s a potential skin irritant. Peppermint also got left out because it can potentially cause breathing problems. And so on. After that process, all that was left was a list of essential oils that are safe for the kids.

KidSafe Means Designed for Kids


As hard as adulting might be, kids have their own set of issues that they struggle with. It can be anything from a runny nose to trouble sleeping to anxiety at school. Each of our KidSafe blends is designed to help with these specific issues. Calming the Child can help slow revved-up minds and emotions, Sniffle Stopper promotes clear breathing, and No Worries can calm the mind and soothe those frazzled nerves. And that’s just a handful our blends! There are so many more. The best part is adults can enjoy them too.


KidSafe Means Effective


One of the requirements for any Plant Therapy blend or synergy is that it actually works. The same goes for our KidSafe line! We worked with Robert Tisserand, leading expert in the industry, to create these blends. The result is affordable, effective and safe essential oils.

So next time you’re shopping for one of our KidSafe products, you can know exactly what it means when you see that KidSafe logo on the front of the bottle.

And if you’re looking for some fun and safe ways to use your essential oils, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group.